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The FAA has updated its policy for an applicant seeking to undergo transgender-related medical treatment. Effective January 2016 Item 48 - Gender Dysphoria has replaced the Item .41 Gender Identity Disorder. This new policy is located on the FAA web page is segregated into 0-5 years of hormones therapy & treatment and 5 years plus. They have introduced a form called The FAA Gender Dysphoria Mental Health Status report. This form must be filled out by a licensed psychologist or Phd/Psy.d level psychologist or psychiatrist.

This report must be accompanied by a full blood workup. 

Submit this report directly to the FAA in Oklahoma City, OK. 

Current turn around time is: 3-4 Weeks

        * this time frame is Oklahoma City, not Washington D.C. 

As of March 2016, several cases have been submitted under Item. 48 which have had minimal time (Under 3 week) of processing. 

Watch these video for Q&A on the new changes.

Video 1 FAA - ITEM 48

Video 2 FAA - ITEM 48

If you have any questions please email or call anytime.

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