Airline Transport Pilot (Multi-Engine Land) 

Commercial Pilot (Single-Engine Land)

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Certified Flight Instructor (MEI)

Instrument Ground Instructor

CL-65 (Bombardier) 200/700/900 Regional Jet

EMB-120 (Embraer) Brasilia

Beech 1900D (First Officer)  

First Class Medical (Jan-2016)

Aspen/Telluride Part 121 Experience 

Approximate 6,000 hours Total Time

Jessica Taylor is an airline transport pilot based in Denver, Colorado. She learned to fly in Long Beach, California where she first soloed, then went on to train across the United States. She earned every single hour by flight instructing, flying her own airplanes and flying a king air out of Santa Monica, California. 

She went on to fly as a first officer at Great Lakes Airline based in Prescott, Arizona - Los Angeles, California - Denver, Colorado - Pierre, South Dakota in the Beechcraft 1900D.  

After a short time at Great Lakes, she went on to serve as a first officer at United Express in Los Angeles, Ca in a 30 seat turbo-prop aircraft (EMB-120, Brasilia) 

She now flies the Canadair Regional Jet 200/700/900 series aircraft under the United, Delta, American and Alaska Airlines. She mainly flies the Aspen, Colorado route structure under the United Express flag. 




Aviation experience 


Los Angeles California